1. Debt collection and administration of past due payments including its accounting, tax, and financial aspects
  2. Collection of debts and past due payments either through soft collection (out-of-court settlement) or hard collection (court litigation) in the territory of the Slovak Republic
  3. Debt transaction facilitation (purchase and sales, debts accounting, and mandate of debts)
  4. Financial consulting
  5. Debt assistance services

Debt administration

  • Uncollected debts and late payments administration – we assist our clients to enforce the creditors´claims based on their commercial and financial relations. Our clients can sign mandate contract with our company and thus we can take over the full or partial administration of their uncollected debts or property contracts.
  • If there are no collections received from the debtor, our provided services will aim to collect the debt

We carry out the debt collection

  • Based on the mandate contract
  • Directly to our clients’ bank accounts
  • With professional care, and in line with the clients directions and desires
  • If the client desires so, we can do the debt administration under the name of Bratislavská aukčná dražobná, s.r.o – by which we oversee the limitation periods and agreed payments and we also collect other parts of the debt such as interest and/or contract penalties
  • Also by out-of-court settlement
  • With the possibility to execute and organize voluntary auctions.

For the client´s needs we also offer/provide

  • Secure collections: collection of debts after the due dates through discussions with the debtor, and debtor’s acknowledgment of his/her obligations, development of payment schedules, or through third parties’ accounts.
  • Debts collection through court trials. Bratislavská aukčná dražobná, s.r.o provides services (claims, court agreements, notary distraint reports, agreements about debt repayments, debt purchase agreements, auctions, and number of other legal tools to secure clients’ debts)
  • Hard collection (court litigation)
  • Arbitrations
  • Personal enforcement through bailiff´s office
  • Filing of the Application to start insolvency proceedings

Bratislavská aukčná dražobná’s commission for debt collections

  • The right to invoice or subtract pre-agreed percentage commission from the collected debt or its part at the time when collection is credited to client’s account. The costs for legal representation of the client in court or in distraint or bankruptcy proceedings are incorporated in the commission.
  • We focus on positive results. Only successful collection of our clients generates income for our company – thus only client’s account credit results in our right to collect Bratislavská aukčná dražobná’s commission at the pre-agreed rate.
  • If specific financial and legal obstacles exist (e.g. debtors bankruptcy) we can still provide the service of processing the client’s debt, in a fashion that it optimizes client’s financial results