„Effective Debt Collection
for the Best Creditor Protection.“

Bratislavská aukčná dražobná, s.r.o. is a project based corporation, which purchased part of the business undertaking of Credit Clearing Center, a.s. including know-how and receivable portfolios.  The main activities are focused on payment collection – especially collection of payments past due date, debt collection, and management of property contracts (including investment property, intellectual property etc.).

Since the very beginning, Bratislavská aukčná dražobná, s.r.o. has been focused on the processing of large volumes of debts. Substantial effort was spent on processes such as communication (in writing, through telephone conversations, and even personal meetings), changes in the parties participating in court trials, distraint, auctions, client representation in trials, arbitration, bankruptcy, heritage, acts and processes related to processes related to selling debts to other interested entities.

Our company is ready to provide a complex solution to the administration of debts by virtue of which a creditor is offered with a possibility to enforce his rights in „one stop shop“ and the expenses for the enforcement of such rights is minimalised as they are transferred to the debtor as much as possible.

Our policy is that clients do not pay any fees other than those incurred by the court. All additional costs are covered by Bratislavská aukčná dražobná, s.r.o.; we earn our commission only after successful collection of the outstanding debt or its part.

Our company offers payment collection, which are always adjusted to the client´s needs.

Since 07.04.2017 the 100% owner of the company is Blackside, a.s.